Cleared Hot - Revisited

Cleared Hot Revisited. a book about Desert Storm  and Delta Company Reinforced- Marines and Corpsmen

The Story


Cleared Hot – Revisited brings to you 3.5+ hours of ACTUAL AUDIO RECORDINGS made during Desert Shield. Using 45+ QR codes and links readers will experience actual sounds and commands given during the buildup, R&R at Camp Two, and finally culminating with the gut-wrenching battle of Observation Post 4. 

Almost 80 COLOR PHOTOS give detail of Delta Company, 3rdLight Armored Infantry Battalion Marines during Desert Shield which for these Marines turned into Desert Storm on January 29, 1991. 

Included are the only recordings of Dion Stevenson, one of the Marines lost on Red 2 at the battle of OP4, as he and Mikey Flores perform songs of the times together. Additional audios at Camp Two allows readers/listeners to live amongst the Marines.

Historic sounds of first-generation LAV-25s can be heard as Marines tackle training missions and gun range exercises; pushing the 275hp turbo-charged Detroit Diesels to red-line! Become a part of Delta Company as we face off with 80 Iraqi main battle tanks at the historic Battle of Observation Post 4.

Monte L Witcher, a Delta Company Marine, gives his personal first-hand account of what he saw from start to finish during this time period. Monte’s audios and play-by-play descriptions and conversations with fellow Marines lets you experience the life of a Marine. 

Don’t miss this only opportunity to ride along in the LAV as Delta Company prepares for the impending Invasion….

A portion of the proceeds from this book will benefit the 3rd LAI-LAR Battalion Association – The Wolfpack. Get more information about the Wolfpack Association at

Lori  Beck Witcher author of Desert Storm Books

The Author of Desert Storm Books


With an extensive technical background, Lori Y Beck now brings this very unique approach of utilizing QR Codes, the Internet and cloud storage to share history as it once was…


As a teen, Lori learned that Marines were a different breed. Having many Peace Officer and Marine friends; the Witcher brothers were among those. After many years, a friendship was renewed with Monte L. Witcher, the author of a book previously published about the Battle of Observation Post 4. Monte’s stories about this incident, his fellow Marines, and Desert Storm became an unrelenting curiosity. Not only in the courage and bravery of Delta Marines, Lori Y. Beck took a personal interest in meeting and becoming personally involved with the true-life heroes that make up Delta Company.

Curiosity turned to action... With much enthusiasm, Lori put her entire life on hold, and for two years relentlessly investigated details, photographs and the all Important historic audio recorded from the war zone.

Lori’s patriotic heart created a newfound love and admiration for the Marines and events that spurred her on to share with the world this epic story of heroism and commitment to God, Corps, and Country. The task of taking Monte’s original writings, photos and recordings would be reworked, enhanced and implemented into two books, Cleared Hot – Revisited and 

100 Hours to Destiny